Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mary Jane, A Mysterious Friend of Mine...An Original Poem

Written by my eldest child, Concealed Light

Mary Jane is a friend of mine,
she is really friendly and very nice,
but she is quite weird and mysterious,
and wait until you hear this:
she can turn a wrench into a hen,
a hamster-feed pellet into some men.
And don't ask me how Mary Jane does this,
because as I told you,
she is mysterious.


picture of the author, Concealed Light

As the mother, naturally I kvell and admit that I am biased:  everything my children do is great.  But trying to remove myself from the parental role, I gotta admit this is pretty good.  Wacky and fun, Concealed Light has written a great poem.  Way better than I ever did in 3rd grade.  It was published in her school's first-ever literary publication, and while the town library judges made a grave error by not awarding her a prize for its entry in this year's poetry contest, there is more great stuff where that came from.   She says she wants to be a writer.  Oh, how I would love to send her to a writing workshop.  One day maybe that will happen.  Until then, I encourage her to keep on reading and writing.