Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Its It's & Its Zildjian

Perhaps one of my greatest pet peeves resulting from the proliferation of technology use today via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and the like is the misuse of the apostrophe in the word "it."  A college professor told me many moons ago about a peril of email:  spelling errors would will increase exponentially, and he had little tolerance for such mistakes.  This is when, if we wanted to use email, we had to go to the computer cluster.  There was no such thing as dorm rooms being connected to the Internet.  This is also when I didn't know how to properly spell liaison.  Jump forward twenty years, and autocorrect and spell check are partially to blame.  Granted, people are busy and lazy and simply either don't have the time or desire to go back and make a correction.

But still.

Come on, people.

We all make spelling and grammatical errors more frequently online, and I am certainly not exempt from making this mistake.

And for that reason, I thank my brother for reminding me that the spelling of the famous cymbals is Zildjian, and not Ziljan as I previously wrote.

Wikipedia image

I can't imagine what Professor Whitfield is thinking now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

When The Levee Breaks...Obama Will Surely Win 2012

Let me introduce you to Led Zeppellin IV, if you haven't already been introduced.  If you don't know your Zosos from your Ziljans, stick with me, keep it nice and sticky, and I can show you a thing or two.

Or three.

In the lyrics of When The Levee Breaks, you will hear, among other things, the following:

  • Leaving Home
  • Keeping Your Baby Safe
  • Keeping a Happy Home
  • Mountain Men Who Wander...


Anyway, it's all there in The Levee Breaks.

We all know Chicago is where Obama is from, and we know here at the Whole Phamily it is important to keep a happy home as well as be mindful of mountain men who wander.

If you have seen the light of a reverberating Ziljan cymbal, you will understand why I feel that this song explains the winner of this year's Presidential Election.  Question my reasoning, fine, but at least acknowledge I am onto something.

And that is the way it is for 2012.

What shall be in 2016 is the question.  If you're experienced like me, you will agree that none of this and yet all of this is truth even unto its innermost parts.  Meaning, how can Rachel use a classic rock tune to validate the result of the upcoming election?

I can't explain it, truthfully.  Too complicated.

Be prepared, keep everything in their own pockets, have proper gear, and stick together with your family, or you can stick with the Whole Phamily and see better, happier days of goodness and love and ultimate redemption.

In the meantime, you can rage with our machine of the Ganse Mishpucha (Whole Phamily).

If you want to talk Grapes of Wrath, dudes, (aka Tom Joad, the Cats, and all that Dust), perhaps you should look for purple glitter rather during this post-9/11 era than dust of the bowl  (better to be two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year than a bunch of red dust flying around the air during the Great Depression).   Or just watch Henry Ford playing Tom Joad.  That's easier.  Even if it's just a 4 minute clip.  You can handle a brief clip, kids, can't you?

My take away from all of this is to grow my own food.

And that's exactly what we're starting to accomplish this year with our organic garden.

Michelle Obama's got that one right.

Thanks, First Lady!