Friday, June 1, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom, Yes I Love Wes Anderson

My writing skills and ability to express myself could never, ever give proper way to a discussion of Moonrise Kingdom.  They say it's not good to start in the negative.  So let me start over.

The newest film by Director Wes Anderson is yet again a perfect world of great design, conversation, sound, music, placement.

Just watch the  trailer!


This is good.  This is very, very good.  I love you, Wes Anderson.  Well, not really you as a person.  I don't know you.  But I love Wes Anderson.  I love him, yes I do.  But I don't know you.

I love your movies.  I love them a lot.  I love them like all of your disciples love them.  The style.  The music.  The dialogue.  The message.  The story-line.  The clothing.  The imagery.

I love it/you like the way I love wide wale corduroy on men who listen to the Kinks.

And Charles and Ray Eames.

But I really love my husband who is accompanying me to Mountain Jam this weekend since I really want to go.  This will be such a good thing for our whole family.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heading to the Mountain

While all of my observant Jewish friends are still popping their Lactaid pills after last week's dairy-laden Shavuot holiday, I am packing for the next adventure.  We reenacted going up to that humblest of mountains, Mount Sinai, where we received our holy Torah thousands of years ago.  All the while eating a lot of blintzes.

The journey to another mountain continues, this time to Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountian, New York.  My family which as you know include my husband Stango and our children Concealed Light, The Wolfman, and the Wolfman's Brother, has been long-looking forward to this weekend-long music festival.  So much so that we temporarily suspending cleaning help to save funds for tickets.

I'll be experiencing first-hand a music festival with three children under the age of 10 in tow.  We are camping on the grounds and shlepping everything up the mountain by Radio-Flyer cart.  Stango and I have never camped at a music festival together, so this is all new territory.  But since live music is the one thing we simply love to experience together, what could be better as a family outing?  The kids want us to take them to music that we like, but the shows all run too late and aren't kid-friendly.  Mountain Jam is different.   Lucky for us that we also have an extended network of friends to enjoy the weekend with.  The Nunever is coming, and he has graciously offered to wear my new Whole Phamily t-shirt.  Delights such as Awareness Village, Karma Wash and an entire area dedicated to family activities await.

Hopefully my experience as a mama bringing her children to their first music festival will not only be recorded here.  Time will only tell.

See you on the mountain!