Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just One Word: Proteins. There's a Great Allergenic Future in Proteins

We are all scratching our heads...why are there so many more allergies among kids today than there were when we were little?

Remember when Dustin Hoffman is told, in the movie The Graduate, the one word, the future in business is  PLASTICS?

Well, my dear friend, I bring you the future of today, and when it comes to food allergies, it is the one.  The only:


Check out self-described type-A personality, former food industry Wall Street analyst Robyn O'Brien's brilliant talk at last year's TedX Austin.


Her organization, Allergy Kids Foundation, is making great strides to help protect American families from the additives in our food supply.

Even Erin Brockovitch is cheering her on.

If it takes a polished, professional, educated, smart, savvy, communicative, organized, type-A personality woman to get the message across to our country's citizens (rather than a grassrootsy type...ahem, in the words of Miss Piggy, moĆ­?), so be it.

Shhh...nuf said.

That's a deal.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mama's Night Out

Stango and I got to hear some music over the weekend.  A local Connecticut band, the Juicy Grapes, were playing at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Back in high school I didn't get out to this type of activity, so it was like I was having the night I never had in 1989.  Lots of fun.  In between sets my kind of music was playing on the speakers, and it was all good.

This was a set list for a different band

Love the smart logos...though the other women there didn't know about Lululemon.  I guess this could be a generic omega and not a rip on the famous yoga clothing brand logo

A running music-head rabbit with a guitar.

Does this mean I can't display the cute logo from the cafe table (bunny rabbit above) on my blog?