Saturday, January 22, 2011

More on the Fleish...

We're all about the carne...I mean, who didn't love the classic 80's Wendy's commercial?

Just a few days ago we were all about names with Fleish in it...then we came across another Fleischer...and well, whaddya know, here's yet another...this time a Fleischer, purveyors of grass-fed meat with family roots in kosher meat, now full-on treif.

Martha Stewart has hooked in, but she ain't a Yid.

Not that we want to be preachy...

Smashbox Studios and the Factors

Thank you, Max Factor nee Maximilian Faktorowicz, for building a cosmetic empire that enabled your great grandchildren Dean and Davis Factor to have the wherewithall and chutzpah to open the groundbreaking Smashbox Studios in 1990 (the year yours truly graduated from high school!).

courtesy of

While we are so far removed -- geographically at least -- from LA culture (we feel blessed we do not have to endure freeways...though Bloomberg's roads ain't that well-cared-for), we totally DUG their ad appearing in this month's V Magazine for their Yello Creative Culture Blog they put out with Quixote Studios.

Can't find the ad online...and we're totally dinosaurs without a scanner...but pretty good blog.  We love so many of their connections.  Alphabetized words, written in black on a yellow background, listing all sorts of funky stuff.

Dug it, dig it, we simply thought pretty darn good shtuff.

Now, where on earth are there any Faktorowicz folks left?

Our friend Howard Factor, of no relation to the cosmetic family, was a fine, fine individual.  We're trying to keep the place up. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Me Gustas Tu to Ahava

We just came across this lovely piece by Manu Chao, which we think promotes world unity through love.

If you haven't heard this beautiful Israeli song called Yachad - Shir La'Ahava by Gaya Band & Din Din Aviv, which is a song of love, together, heart to heart, you should.

We think this one is also universal...

Shabbat Shalom to the Ganse Mishpucha!