Friday, December 3, 2010

By now everyone has heard about the Maccabeats

We figured that by yesteday everyone knew they had gone viral...

And indeed by this morning Yeshiva University's Maccabeats cover of the Dynamite acapella video by Mike Tompkins appeared on the Today show...

Wishing you guys up in Washington Heights a Happy Hanukkah!

Now, we just want to know how your show was last night with Mattisyahu!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did Dr. Dre ever spin the Dreidel?

Highly unlikely, but hey, ya never know.

The humble little dreidel is so part of our experience with Chanukah, and yet does anyone know why it's called a dreidel?

Ester Shahaf design

It's a Yiddish word, no doubt.

To "dre" is to spin. A dreidel spins.
When you add on the "el" that gives it diminutive, cutesy-ness element.
So it's a little spinning top.

The Whole Phamily loves Yiddish - it's part of our Ashkenasic heritage. And dreidel is in Yiddish.
But we like to say sivivon also, which is the Hebrew word for dreidel.

This is no Dr. Dre, but here's a familiar tune, "Oh Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah" in Yiddish.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hummus Place will one day nourish many more Americans than just some lucky New Yorkers

If the claims asserted by last week's New York Jewish Week article about the growing hummus market in the US materialize, our favorite chickpea dip-spread will soon be on the plates of Americans nation-wide.

It's a hummus revolution, and it's happening from sea to shining sea.

Whole families will buy it right alongside their butter and cream cheese. 
Put it in wraps.
Bring it to school with baby carrots.

If it can be in supermarkets (Sabra is now America's #1 hummus) why not strip malls and food courts?

Enter Hummus Place in NYC.  There is room for more hummus.  The hummus revolution is brewing.

Here we are tonight at their St. Mark's Place location.  They have 5 total.  They want to franchise.

It's genius.

Middle Americans will soon be eating chummus from Mankato to Maui.  But they'll also want to get it when they go out.  What a nice healthy addition Hummus Place will be.

Tonight we tried Hummus Place's hummus fava:  delicious.  Topped with whole fava beans, Tahini, organic hard boiled egg, olive oil & spices.  Delicious.  Grilled eggplant with tehini:  superb.  Ambience wonderful, especially since we walked in 20 minutes before closing.  We were celebrating a birthday, and just like that, a kadaif dessert was brought to the table.  This delicious combination of shredded halva, ricotta cheese, and date honey was simply delectable.

We wish Hummus Place the greatest success possible.

Check out this You Tube from Keren Weinberg