Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mighty Quinn on the Bus

It's ticket pre order season for summer shows and I am figuring out what we're going to do.  Continuing feeling grateful and blessed we can now finally get to more shows.  Stango is so supportive, and that's really the best part.

Been busy with headybands, hoodies, and other mech-related products to Whole Phamily.  So the blog has been dormant.  But I know there are some of you who enjoy  this blog.  So consider this an entry just for you.

There's just so much I love about live music.

You're either on the bus or you're off the bus.

So glad to be on it.

When Quinn the Eskimo gets here...

The author of the Mighty Quinn

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The New Year is here and approaching

For all you fellow music-loving fans, NYE means only one thing:  a great show of live music.  Just seeing those three letters together in allcaps gets the salivating glands working.  Before I got into the scene, New Year's Eve was nothing special.  I'd watch the ball drop or go to a party.  But when it turned into NYE I was hooked.

No video does it justice but if you want a glimmer of a glimpse, see if you can gain some experience here:

Most music shows would end it right there.. But after that huge display of fun and festivity there is a that gets played.

What can I say?  Phish is just beyond beyond beyond amazeballs.  I love them.

But it's actually a New Year's right now!

It is the Hebrew date of the 20th of Kislev, and just yesterday was what was called Yud Tes Kislev (Yud tet), or the 19th of Kislev.  It is marked as the New Year or birth of...


Chassidic thought is said to been born on this date - released to the world that is -- in 1772.  I might be confusing some things here, so I immediately direct you to read more about it at  On that date is when the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of Chassidus...he went out and sang about being Jewish from a soulful place and was joyful and also travelled from town to town at a time when there was great poverty in the shtetls.  He taught that just being Jewish is the essence and you need not be scholarly to be relavent and valid and make a difference in the world) 's disciple the Maggid of Mezritch (Rabbi DovBer) was, as they say "returned to his maker."  26 years later it is the same date when the founder of Chabad Chassidus, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, was freed from his imprisonment in Russia.

So glad this is not a term paper.  My writing needs some buffing and brushing.  But you guys get my drift?  It's a really big day.  A holiday.  A yomtov.  My friend said she dressed her children up today in their fancy yomtov clothes.  How fun.

I went to a Fabrengen tonight for women.  I learned that the time in between the 19th and 20th of Kislev is exactly when the most recent Lubavitcher Rebbe also did his fabrengen.

Part of the connectivity here on a personal level is my birthday is at the end of Kislev as well as my wedding anniversary.  It's a time when we are able to give each other blessings that hold lots of power and strength.

So I bless you all that you should get everything you need in life.

Kislev is the month of light.  At a time when the month is darkest.

Go to 9:27 here and you will see a great performance of the song Light.  It is just so so so beautiful.  I know you think if you're not a Phish person you don't get it.  But this is just a gorgeous song.  It's a teaching in and of itself.  Who needs this blog when you have Phish lyrics?

Obstacles are stepping-stones
That guide us to our goals
Fences are filters
That purify our souls

It is Chanukah soon after all!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


The best antidote to pretty much anything is seeing the bright side of things.  As you all know, I have taken a hiatus from this blog to focus on the commercial side of Whole Phamily.  Gotta pay the bills, ya know?

We have sold many headybands over the past few months.   Remember those?

For the Deadheads:

For the Cactusheads:

For the Fishmandonutheads:

 Some toddler hoodies, too, that my sweetest most talented tween rager whips up in a jiffy.

  And we have been working on our Fishman Donut kippot.  

So when some folks on Instagram, when they saw the photo of samples for the kippot, had negative things to say about them, I insisted on keeping it positive.  One person said "Stolen idea."  Another said "damn guys...late to the party...this has been done."  Even when I showed the haters the photo of my prototypes from last year, before their friend sold out their version of Phish kippot (which were the large satin temple-style yarmulkas) over Labor Day weekend, I was still received with negativity. 

Social media can really bite!

Still, positive energy prevails.  My styles are different, anyway.  There is space for all types in this very small world.  And my friends who I am selling the samples to are all very positive and think it's great what I have done.

My friend Josh (there are so many good Josh's out there) said just keep on doing what I am doing and ignore the haters.

I don't really think I will be venturing past the samples, anyway.

Life is too busy with other stuff.

Like catching up on all the Phish I missed.  Lately I have been listening to shows from 1994.  

This is a great watch


Admittedly, this is all pretty light stuff.  I am so grateful for all that I have.  I am blessed.  Healthy children, bh, food on the table, and probably too much food at that, bills paid, bh, first time homeowners, we give tzedakah, all the basic life needs are taken care of, children have the blessing of Jewish day school and afterschools, college loans are paid off, we get to go out and do fun things together, we see live music, and life is good.

"Let your life proceed at its own design."  This is a great idea, mantra, whatever you want to call it.

No, Phish did not say that.  Remember, this is *not* just a Phish blog!

 Rather than looking in the past and wishing things could have been different (like I should have gone to see the Dead in 1988 and Phish in 1989 when I saw kids wearing their t-shirts in my high school parking lot, or back in 1996 when I kept thinking I should have gone to yeshiva high school), just live in the present and enjoy what you have. 

Everyone has their own journey.  We all come to things when we're ready for them.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  There is a grand master plan for each of us in our own lives.  We can create our present and plan for the future.  But regretting what we did or didn't do in the past isn't really all that helpful.  That's part of staying positive.

Your comments and replies are welcome.  Part of the reason I am not here so often is I don't hear back from many of you.  Also, because I gotta earn some bucks with my heady merch.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Gearing up for GD50 with The HeadyBand: If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home

First and foremost:  We are now selling the original HeadyBand.  $15 plus shipping.  Buy yours now from our Etsy shop!  There's even a coupon code for 10% off down below.  Gotta keep reading!

HeadyBand in Fishman Donut.  Buy one today!

Many of my  readers asked what happened to my blog.  Gone, poof.  No more Loony on Whole Phamily.  It is true I left no message here regarding my whereabouts, and for that I apologize.  However, most of my readers are people I actually know.  So, I have had the good fortune of being able, IRL (that's "in real life" for most of the senior citizens reading, however that likely excludes my mother's friend Rachel and my mother in law who are both impressively Internet-savvy and both of whom I think read my blog), to tell you I am alive and well and selling my wares online.  At long last, here is the official announcement on the blog.

HeadyBand in Cactus.  Any devoted Phish head would understand why I chose this pattern.

Last fall I shifted my energies towards the commercial side of Whole Phamily. Together with Concealed Light, I opened our Etsy shop, where we have made a bunch of sales.  We started our Instagram presence, where we are proud to have 1,585 followers to date.    This is a modest beginning, but it's a start.

While I love writing this blog, I also wanted to earn money while contributing to the music community that I love so much.  This blog didn't fill that need.

Have you noticed yet that you can Buy one of our Many Products right here!

Do not delay!

Last year, while shvitzing it up on the elliptical machine somewhere between Antelope and Iko Iko, I developed the concept for The HeadyBand.

You can buy one of these now in our Etsy shop!

I already sometimes wore headbands at the gym to keep the wispy hairs out of the way.  I owned a 1970s-style Phish terry headband, but my friend Stef said I could not under any circumstance wear that to the gym.  Sure, Phil Lesh, the bass player of the Grateful Dead, could pull it off in the 80s, but not a busy mama striving for even a small semblance of contemporary fashion-fowardness.

Photo copyright James Lee Katz, posted on Thoughts on the Dead

HeadyBands are moisture-wicking headbands in patterns that fans of this music know and love.  I wanted to wear my pride for this subculture at the gym, but not on a t-shirt.

I know.  I know.  It's a great name.  Thanks for the compliment.  The whole shebang isn't copyrighted or trademarked.  So Sue Me!  Yes, I understand the importance of Intellectual Property.   Some of my favorite former clients are Intellectual Property attorneys.  Catch my drift?

The name of what this is - pretty good.  But you think I am actually gonna break the bank with this idea?  Kein yeHi Ratzon, as the pious Jews pray.  May it be your Will, oh G-d and G-d of my foremothers and forefathers, that these HeadyBands should touch the lives of every single soul who needs them, that they bring much mazal, parnasa, segulah and "all good things in all good time"!

And even though I write a lot of Jewish/Hebrew stuff there, HeadyBands are meant for the masses.  This is just my frame of reference:  the Jewish thing.  So, if you, dear reader, were lost with those Hebrew phrases, fear not.  It's all good.

Did you want to hear more about the HeadyBand?   Ok!

HeadyBand in sacred geometry Metatron's Cube.  Click this ENTIRE link and buy one!

Since I live a committed Jewish life, some people think that HeadyBands are intended for the observant Jewish woman in the Orthodox style.  If you want to think that, be my guest.  I was actually inspired by the hippy chicks who love wearing bandanas and headbands at shows.  But it would certainly work well with a fall (a half-head wig).  Attention heady frum mamas (a very small subset of the observant Jewish world):  these headybands are for you!

We're not just about HeadyBands, either.

On our Etsy shop, Concealed Light is making and selling hoodies in similar patterns, as well as in patterns of matryushka dolls and rainbows.  At 11 years old, she is a skilled sewer and I am so proud to partner with her.  I commend this bright shining tween on all of her hard work.  Expect to see absolutely incredible things from her as she grows.  We have sold quite a few hoodies for the babies and toddlers in this sphere.  Great job, my sweet, talented, skilled, bright firstborn child! (it's my blog and I can give her praise here if I want!)

Whole Phamily infant and toddler hoodies are $25 plus shipping.

Buy one today!
You can even custom order your hoodie.

We sell them from 3 mo - 5 T.

Rainbow Hoodie

Dancing Bear Hoodie

Back of Dancing Bear Hoodie

Back of Fishman Donut Hoodie

You don't have to be a Deadhead to love our hoodies!  Matryushka doll pattern is Oh So Adorable!  Buy one here!  

Have you noticed yet that you can Buy one of our Many Products right here!

Do not delay!

Get your Whole Phamily merch now!

Which brings me to GD50.

In case you haven't heard, the Grateful Dead is performing their very last shows together this summer, their 50th anniversary.  Jerry Garcia is long gone in the physical world, but his soul is long remembered .  The songs that he and Robert Hunter wrote were truly built to last.  Pete Shapiro is a modern-day Bill Graham (both Jewish men, I might add) and promoting these shows in Santa Clara, CA and Chicago.   They even got Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio to play the "Jerry part."  Not too shabby in my mind.

I believe in conPHergence, unity, setting aside differences and just listening to the good music.  Because both the Dead and Phish produce(d) great great great music.

And I am so so so grateful to have been turned on to this music and the scene.  I connect to its nuggets of goodness, light, and joy.  Like so many others who have come before me, I find deep meaning in the music, lyrics, and greater community.

I am thrilled that Rabbi Shu and the folks at JamShalom will be coming out to Chi-town, partnering with Chabad of the South Loop, and having Shabbes pretty close to the venue.  What a meaningful, great meshing of worlds.

So, it's a big year for Deadheads.  Fare Thee Well, as it were.  And I'm not missing the bus stop this time.

A big year for getting out the good products.

And the good product is The HeadyBand!

It took me a while, but I feel truly blessed to have tuned in and turned on.  In this regard, I am actually talking about the music of the Dead and Phish (yes, blasphemy to say in one breath according to some!) as well as my rich ancient heritage which is as alive and relevant as ever.  My wish is for these worlds to continue to thrive in a positive way to make the world a better place.   And rather than dropping out, I will hope to continue to connect and at least try to walk the walk of society.  Because being part of community is important.

You've got the Do Rey I've got the Me.

Try throwing that one around a board room table at Goldman Sachs.

Then again, who am I to say it hasn't been done by an erudite, educated, of-the-people chassid in the past.

I feel fortunate that I came up with the HeadyBand, and hope that you'll wish us luck, spread the word, and, heck, even buy one or two from us.  I would rather sell out before I hit the Windy City, though it will be fun to push our wares on the streets when we get there.  Chicago is going to be overrun with Deadheads.  It will be FUN FUN FUN!

If you've read thus far, in our Etsy shop, use the Code RambleOnLoony at checkout for 10% off your total purchase.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scholastic Book Fair

It's been a great week at my children's school book fair.  I am co-chairing it with fellow mom and friend Shira.  It is a first in a long time for their school.  BH sales have been great and parent volunteers have been generous with their time.  

But it is many hours to co-chair an event like this.  I don't know how serial non-profit volunteers do it!

Like I told my friend Tova today:  the book fair did well and so did my babysitter.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walfredo and 127 and If You Will It It is No Dream (Tour) #hashtagitbagit

Phish played the song "Walfredo" the other night, a very rare occurrence from their repetoire, at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.  It was played based on a fan request.  It was played in honor of the memory of phan Adam Berger, who passed away earlier this year.

I have waxed poetic in the past about various reasons why I love the number 127.

Or variations of it.

Photo from a Flickr post
Is it simply coincidence that they played this tune on  the date 10/27?

I doubt highly that any of this was planned.
But I like to think that it's all there for a reason.

Do I think Trey was all like, "let's do Loony a favor and get all whack and play this song as a tribute to a dedicated fallen fan on her favorite number day."


I didn't know Adam Berger but his blog is called Walfredo.  Clearly he was a huge phan.  He loved Walfredo.   And Phish, probably the best musical outfit out there today, played it.  In San Francisco, the town where he lived for many years.  May his memory be a blessing.

And thanks NYCJAMGAL for posting this nice video of the historic happening.

Back to 127...
Despite them not playing in Israel on 12/8 a few years ago (if you read my lengthy post you'll see originally it was to be 12/7, but couldn't be due to various reasons), I keep the dream alive....


Which is way too long of a hashtag.

That's why ya gotta #hashtagitbagit

But a girl can still dream, right?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, before you get all, Loony is whack, Phish ain't gonna do no show in Israel, let me alert you to what Jambase reported on this show in the 2nd set, and I quote:  "Trey introducted on Fishman as Moses, "here to take you across the Red Sea for "I Didn't Know."

Some may call that Comic Relief, I call it, coming all together.  It's just that people don't know it, yet it's *right in front of their eyes!"  People may laugh at this idea, but I know that the Nunever won't when he reads this.  And that Zaney Laney is on board if she would only read this darn long blog.  And of course my dear husband who supports all of my efforts.  Do I need anything more?  Oh, wait, yeah, I need the guys to decide that it's time to take the living fish into the land "Vayidgu l'rov," but as I'm not a bible thumper, but could possibly be perceived as such, I don't know how that would fly in the greater world, ya know?

And, no, Ariela, (and all my awesome smart friends who like to read this but can't follow the Phish stuff and I don't hold that against them but indeed they're still missing out on tremendous music) this isn't a Phish blog, haven't I said that all along?

Yay for purple girls and little ragers and glitter and sparkly friends and hoopers and curlicues and laughs and soul sisters and birth sisters and bobos and hello kitty and cleaning help and gel manicures and kind veggie burritos and my sweet kinderlach and the moon and for meeting a dude named Stango.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where do Science, Philosophy, and Religion all Exist as One?

Only in one place.

In Gamehendge.

We have the great Icculus to thank for recording the story that talks about this land.

Apparently the land is in danger, if you take this sticker I purchased a few years ago at all seriously.

And today the Prince of Music (that's Levi to the layman) joins the cause with his Fly Famous Mockingbird shirt.

You may think it's Adar with my silliness, but it's Elul and it's time to get out into the field because there is where science, philosophy and religion sits right in front of us as one.  

I personally can't see it, so maybe it's time to read the book.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pre Rosh Hashana Music in Philly with Shlomo Katz

An intimate concert leading up to Rosh HaShana with quality people, holy words and tunes of inspiration.  What more could we ask for on a Monday night?

The very special Shlomo Katz visited our neighborhood tonight with Pey Dalid as his last stop in America on the way back to Israel.  He shared songs and stories.  He gave over melodies (niggunim) from R' Shlomo Carlebach.  He brought down words of Torah in the name of the Alter Rebbe, Rav Weinberger, the Izhbitzer Rebbe and more.

Thank you Lisa and Michael Wachs for opening your home and bringing Shlomo to town.  Thanks also to Ben Weitz Photography for allowing WholePhamily to post your photos of this special evening.  Not only is Shlomo musically talented, but he is good friends with our very good friends (all former Bronx residents).  So there is no more apt place than to share what we enjoyed tonight than on WholePhamily.  We are all connected.

Ganse mishpucha mamish!

Shlomo talked about the idea of repentence - tshuva, the theme of the month of Elul leading up to Rosh haShana which is in just a couple of weeks.

He said that the Alter Rebbe said that choosing to have compassion on your own soul (neshama) is the first step towards tshuva.

Shlomo then talked about his own rebbe - Reb Shlomo Carlebach.  He said in his name that Reb Shlomo gave over a Torah in the name of the Izhbitzer (yeah, a lot of giving props there).  All year I am fixing the things that I did wrong, but in Elul I am doing tshuva for all the things I did right but I could have done so much better.

He continued on the idea that I'm already keeping shabbat, I'm already eating kosher food, I'm already sending my children to Jewish schools.  But the idea is that you could be even more plugged in and going deeper and doing things with more meaning.

This is the idea of "Bina" which has the same gematria (Hebrew letter numerical equivalent:  Jewish numerology) as the name of this month :  Elul.

Shlomo said that this gematria is 67, and my add is ...1967 was an important year in our history.  This was the summer of love, the summer of be-ins, psychedelia, and the birth of the modern day hippy.  This connection is so relevant because, ultimately, Shlomo Katz was playing inside a room of many Jewish hippies, both young and old.

The dream of the 60s is alive and well.
Well, a little more polished, and the free love thing didn't really work out, but the ethos is here.
Well, at least the music is, and really the music is what is at the core.

He then continued with some Torah from Rav Kook.  When you have compassion for yourself and start doing tshuva you start to lose the fear of death.  Rav Kook also stated once that he is Rebbe Nachman.  Pshhhhhhhh.  What is THAT all about???

Last but not least is a short video I took.

Shlomo said he felt totally welcomed and at home at the Wachs family home.

I couldn't agree more!

Feeling pretty grateful that this happened, that Stango was able to make it after a long day hard at work, that I met some lovely people and saw some friends from the hood, and that I made the effort to slap it all here on to this corner of the Internet.

Time for a Tweezer Reprise, if you ask me!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

This is Phish Couch Tour

If you ever were curious about what Phish couch tour looked like, look no further.

Oh.  Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.

(so embarrassed I'm such a silly one I put 7/3/14 and not 8/3/14 not like anyone is gonna actually search for that video, right? or notice my mistake in dates?  Not like this is going into any database, PHEW!!!)

Do you know what couch tour means?

Sorry again I apologize.
This isn't a Phish blog.

me and Trey Anastasio on couch tour (photo taken 8/3/14)

My favorite band is so generous to Live webcast their shows.  Usually you have to pay.  Sometimes we buy the shows and watch.  Tonight is the last night of their summer tour.  Unofficially called Deep South Tour.  Or at least that was the poster Mike was holding earlier tonight.  (sorry, can't find the pic someone tweeted of it...yeah I know dems da breaks).

Anyhoo it's a free show tonight.  Not live music but I know what some of you fellow landsman and women are thinking.  That's ok, everyone's entitled to their thoughts.  I'm entitled to my actions.  Let's leave it at that.

So incredible that their last show of the Summer Tour is in Alpharetta, GA.  As we know this is where Rashi Mincowicz z'l may her memory be a blessing, ran her highly successful Chabad house.  Let's think this show is for her.  Even though I doubt the musicians know her story.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fiddy Cent and Portlandia....HOLLA!

As you know I don't like to post bad language here, but today at the gym the familiar spin tune "In Da Club" by the rapper/hip hop artist 50 Cent came on, and it reminded me yet again why going to spin class keeps me checked in with current music.

How timely, since Mr. Curtis Jackson was all over my Instagram feed today.  I'm not gonna research it, but my guess is he has a new album out.  He was on Good Morning America this morning.  No, I didn't watch it.  Yes, I saw some photos on Instagram.

I really love the beat of "In Da Club" and despite the cursing, here is the video which I have no idea what it looks like.  View at your own risk.

Remember when I mentioned my friend's husband Chad, who referred to this blog as hyper liberal?  If I were uber liberal I wouldn't post the lyrics to this tune, which I'm not.  But maybe it is pretty liberal of me to post this video.

So I will state again:  View at your own risk.  Not exactly wholesome stuff.

This week I finally started catching up on this season's episodes of "Portlandia," and while it is all so ridiculous, and I mean that in the best of ways, one of the funniest sketches is when Fred talks about how he missed hip hop.  And then he gets all academic on Carrie and learns all about hip hop.  That's how I feel:  I missed hip hop, too.  All 25 years of it.  I was busy with figuring out how to transcend my Phish newbie status by studying the Helping Phriendly Book.  I think I have graduated.  More so than Fred, at least I knew that it originated in NYC.  More like da Bronx.

Seriously.  So ridiculous.  So funny I want to pish in my pants.

Which leads me to Eminem's new tune, "So Far."  Gotta love how he samples the classic Joe Walsh tune "Life's Been Good" whose riff is so familiar to me, having been reared on classic rock.

Eminem sings (?) about staying true to his roots.  He likes staying in Detroit, eating Hamburger Helper, and just wants to be a normal dude shopping in his local grocery store (Kroeger).  Gotta respect that.  Though it would be healthier for him if he ate more healthful options and shopped at an organic market.  Point being, he isn't all about the shmancy food delivered on silver platters despite his success.

Again, lots of cursing, but he has a good message:  he's got the fame but he wants to just be true to his humble roots.

Here's the original tune it samples, which is along the lines of what I listened to in high school before I got to the better stuff later in life.

Back to Portlandia, I had the good fortune because of Instagram this week to meet (online) the very lovely Kittee Bee Berns.  She is a Portland resident, blogger, vegan, cookbook author, clothing maker, and overall funky hip person.  Her design style, from what I can see of her online photos, is vintage 50s inspired.  She knits (I think?), wears cool glasses, and takes colorful gorgeous photos of her life.  She's the real deal indie-sassy-funky-DIY type (not to label or anything)  and I told her that we decided numerous years ago that a move to Portland wasn't going to happen for us.  She gave me an infusion of creative energy that I simply rarely get to see and experience while living in the suburbs where the focus is on the soccer mom life.

Just when you thought you heard it all and thought I was hyper liberal, check out this lovely LV Damier zip around wallet I found today.  And gosh darnit if I wanna still wear flowers in my hair, I will.

Good Shabbos, homies.  Time to holla about some delish home baked challah.